We use the powerful WordPress platform to build a dynamic site that gives you control of your content.  We start with a blank sheet of paper on each project and will work with you in the design and functionality of your site.  We will train designated members of your team how to make changes…or you can have us handle all the content additions and changes.


It’s essential that your web site is “responsive”.  Mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers must all have access to friendly content.  Search engines have begun to penalize how they rank sites based on mobile friendly access.  Making your visitors scroll around on a miniature web site can hurt your chances for new business.


If you are looking to sell products online we can help.  Our ecommerce solution pairs WordPress with the versatile WooCommerce E-Commerce suite.  Sell your “stuff” in a secure shopping environment with options for shipping, gift certificates, product reviews…and more. We can also help with online payment through Paypal or your merchant account.

yeahWebwright Carolina is a web development company located in Charlotte, North Carolina. We serve small to medium companies and organizations with crisp design and prompt service. Our client base has a diverse history, ranging from a production company in Italy to “Mom and Pop” businesses across the Carolinas. Whether you are a restaurant wanting a tool to easily communicate your specials or a non-profit agency striving for the good of the community…we can help.

Since 1998 we have helped more than 300 companies tell their story on the web. Each represents a unique experience, an opportunity to work with passionate business owners and an education on what makes small business tick. We would love the opportunity to serve you, applying the Christian principles we embrace.

The completion of your web site is not the end of the trail. We support our clients at whatever level they require. If your need is to make changes to your website yourself we will train you. If you want us to make changes and updates, we will rise to the task….typically finishing your request within 24 hours.

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