Group housing in a maternity home setting can serve a wide variety of purposes.  A productive group housing program will address all areas of resident’s life in the present – physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, financial, vocational – while also addressing past and future concerns. Several of the key purposes follow:

Housing helps remove some of the shame and guilt about the situation the women find themselves in. 

While unplanned pregnancies and resultant single parenting are much more acceptable in today’s society, there is still a certain amount of shame and guilt that naturally results from sinful behavior. Shame and guilt can be experienced by any of the different parties affected by the pregnancy – the woman, the birthfather, their parents and family members, and their friends.

On the other hand, shame and guilt has also been shown to impact women’s decisions against making an adoption plan for their child.  In a group housing setting, she can safely explore all of her options in an understanding and accepting environment.