Thank You!

Webwright Carolina has enjoyed more than 18 years of fellowship and service to hundreds of individuals.   I thank every one of you for your loyalty and trust.

In early April I sent an email to each client detailing my plans to retire August 1st.  In that email I invited everyone to contact me  for a referral to several trusted developers. Some of you responded…others have not.  If you still need a referral please call.  You will have the option of using that agency or finding a developer on your own.   I’ll work with any developer to assure a smooth transition.

Thanks again!   It has been a wonderful ride… God be the Glory!!

On that note I ask that you investigate Jesus as YOUR Savior.  God’s love is bigger than you or anything that is keeping you from having an eternal relationship with Him.  Surrender.  Today is the day of your salvation.